To make sure that the installation of your carpet goes as quickly and smoothly as possible please consider the following:

Renovations: Make sure that all trades people and tools are removed from the areas to be covered. If you have had painting or other fixtures fitted to the area, make sure that the items have had sufficient time to dry or cure (paint will usually take about 2-3 days to dry properly, Ask your painter if unsure)

Power: Electricity will be required for our carpet layers to operate their irons to join the carpet and also to provide light in darker rooms.

Doors: With the laying of your new carpet, the level of your floor may increase or decrease. With this said your door may need to be removed for the layer to finish the job. Our layers do not cut or re-install doors. This is the responsibility of the customer.

Existing floor covers: If the existing floor covering is removed by the customer please be aware that the floor needs to be clean and clear (except of smooth edge). All staples and large objects need to be removed and the sub floor vacuumed before the carpet layer arrives.

FurnitureIf removed by the customer all furniture needs to be completely out of the way. The carpet layer will need a clear path to the room to be laid.

If moved by Pete's Carpets installers, all draws need to be removed. In the case that the draws can not be removed they need to be cleared out. Cupboards need to be cleared out of all clothes and shoes, shelving needs to have any breakable and delicate items removed before the arrival of the carpet layers. Pete's Carpet will move the items back into the position that the item was removed from.

Cabling and under floor heating: Inform the Carpet layer of any cabling under floor. Pete's Carpets takes no responsibility for damage to either items.

Smoke Alarms: Are to be isolated by the customer. Smoke from the irons may set off the alarms. Pete's Carpets will not be held responsible for any cost incurred by a false alarm. After the carpet layer has left please remember to re-connect your smoke alarms. Remember smoke alarms save lives.